About our Company
Today’s farmers face many challenges. Governments, organizations and customers force farmers to reduce chemical residues on crops and improve pest control. This is in an environment where pests are getting more resistant to chemicals and a worldwide concern for the impact of chemicals on bees is growing. Kenya Biologics Ltd. aims to provide farmers with affordable and efficacious pesticides that do not harm the environment or leave any residues on crops. One of these products is Helitec; a HearNPV that is produced in live insects.
Location Makuyu, Kenya
Job Title Insectary Supervisor
About the role
In our insectary facility we rear Helicoverpa armigera. As the Insectary Supervisor of Kenya Biologics, you will be responsible for our insectary on a technical level, but also assist the Production Manager on managerial tasks such as supervision of the team. You will co-lead the team on a day-to-day basis and make sure that the team strictly adheres to the Standard Operating Procedures that are in place. Whenever there is a problem (e.g. infection) in the insect colony you need to analyse the problem, do trials and tests, and implement solutions to solve the problem. As an Insectary Supervisor you are crucial to the success of our company.
Key Criteria
In order to be eligible you need to possess the following characteristics

  • Ability to analyse and solve problems within the insect colony
  • Ability to critically manage highest adherence to Standard Operating Procedures
  • Excellent communication skills


  • Experience with mass rearing of insects, preferably lepidoptera.
  • A minimum of a diploma in entomology, biology or any other related field
We offer
A permanent position at our growing international company.

As an Insectary Supervisor you are a key person within our organization, and will have plenty of room for further growth.

Reporting to Manager Production
Hours Full time (40 hours)
Salary Salary range 45,000 KES/month or more dependent on experience and qualifications
Closing Date for Applications: 18-12-2018
Application Procedure
Send your CV and motivation letter in PDF to the email mentioned below. Mention in the subject header of your email: Ref. KB589. Applications that fail to adhere to these guidelines will not be taken into consideration.