When female moths are ready to mate, they will produce attractants, these so-called pheromones will attract males of the same species. GEMTRACK is a red rubber string containing these pheromones that attract specifically male adults of the diamondback moth (Plutella xylostella).

How does GEMTRACK work?

The GEMTRACK lure must be used in combination with a sticky paper incorporated in a wingtrap. Once outside its original sealed packaging, the GEMTRACK lure will start releasing its pheromones over a time period of at least eight weeks. This will attract male diamondback moths, which will be caught on the sticky paper; preventing the moth from reproducing and enabling you to obtain information from the catches.

Due to the limited reach of approximately 50 meters, GEMTRACK will not attract any additional moths to your crops than the ones already present at that time.


GEMTRACK provides easy to obtain information that can indicate critical changes in population dynamics and behaviour of the diamondback moth. This can be used to determine if and what kinds of treatments are necessary. Targeting pests at the right time with the right product can save you money, make your pest control program more effective, and help preserve the beneficial organisms on your farm.

Safety of GEMTRACK

The pheromones released by GEMTRACK occur naturally all over the world. Many reviews have confirmed that no risks to human health can be expected based on the low toxicity in animal testing and the expected low exposure to humans. Because GEMTRACK is specific to the diamondback moth no adverse effects will occur to non-target organisms.

How to use GEMTRACK?

You can use GEMTRACK inside greenhouses as well as in the open field. Use two traps per hectare for small holdings and in fields of uneven topography and one trap per hectare for large scale fields of homogeneous topography.

Monitor the traps at least twice a week, and record the numbers of diamondback moth moths every time. Thresholds must be determined based on the type of crop, pest-allowance and density of the crop. Although dependent on these factors and other factors like temperature and wind, action thresholds have been determined at 5-7 moths caught per hectare.

Storage of GEMTRACK

Store GEMTRACK in its tightly closed original packaging. Accuracy of GEMTRACK is guaranteed for two years when kept at a constant temperature below 4°C. When stored at room temperature shelf life will be six months.


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