African bollworm (ABW), Helicoverpa armigera, is a serious pest of cotton, beans, peas, maize, grains, tobacco, tomato, flowers, and pulses, just to mention the most important crops. The female moth lays her eggs singly on fruit or boll. Caterpillars penetrate into the fruit within the first two days of hatching. Infestation often causes complete crop loss.

Due to its propensity to develop resistance, effective control of ABW is difficult to achieve with chemicals.

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What is HELITEC?
The active ingredient of HELITEC is a naturally occurring, indigenous pathogen of the African bollworm, called Helicoverpa armigera nucleopolyhedrovirus (HearNPV). It has been developed by Kenya Biologics Ltd. into a highly efficacious bio-insecticide for the control of ABW.

How does HELITEC work?
When HELITEC is sprayed on a crop, ABW caterpillars ingest virus particles and become infected. The virus replicates within the insect body causing death of the caterpillar. The flaccid caterpillar will spontaneously rupture, releasing millions of virus particles into the environment ready for ingestion by other caterpillars.

Safety of HELITEC
HELITEC is completely safe for humans, their livestock and the environment. Extensive toxicological testing and years of intensive use in many countries have never resulted in any detrimental effect. Due to its extreme specificity for Helicoverpa caterpillars it is also harmless for natural enemies of pest insects.

Application of HELITEC
HELITEC is available as a suspension concentrate in 1-litre bottles, sufficient to spray at least 2 Ha. Shake well and mix in 400-600 litres of water to which a spreader/wetter may be added. We recommend application during the late afternoon in order to reduce ultra violet degradation of the active ingredient. As ABW caterpillars are only accessible for a short period of time, it is important to apply when eggs or early stage caterpillars are present.

HELITEC can be applied with conventional spray equipment either in rotation with other insecticides or as a stand-alone. It may be applied as a tank-mix with other pesticides.

Advantages of using HELITEC
• HELITEC provides efficient and cost effective control
• It is completely compatible with an IPM or organic control programme
• There is no maximum residue level (MRL), therefore no pre-harvest interval is required
• Resistance development is highly improbable
• HELITEC is completely safe for the applicator, the consumer and to the environment

Storage of HELITEC
HELITEC should be kept refrigerated at around 4°C. Under these conditions, shelf life has been confirmed to be at least 18 months. Shelf life at room temperature is 6 months.

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