Sucking insects, as the name implies, refers to amealybug group of insects that suck the sap from the plant cells. This causes the plant cells to die, often creating severe damage to the crops. There are many sucking insects such as mealybugs, aphids, thrips, whiteflies and mites. These insects form major pests on a wide variety of crops such as tomatoes, cabbages, aubergines, chillies and flowers.

What is Leca-King?

The active ingredient of Leca-King is a fungus called Lecanicillium lecanii. This fungus is a naturally occurring pathogen that infects and kills sucking insects. Kenya Biologics has selected a uniquely strong strain of Lecanicillium lecanii and formulated it as a wettable powder called Leca-King.

How does Leca-King work?

When Leca-King comes into contact with a pest insect, the fungal spores enter the body. Inside the body the spores replicate and consume the insect’s internal contents. Eventually the fungus grows outside of the body and the insect will look white to yellowish. Safety of Leca-King Leca-King is completely safe for humans, their livestock and the environment.

Application of Leca-King

Leca-King is available as a Wettable Powder with 100,000,000 Colony-Forming Units per gram of product. Leca-King is packaged in one kilogram bags, enough for ½ acre (this equals 5 kgs per hectare).

Leca-King should NOT be used together with fungicides. At least a three day interval should be kept before and after spraying Leca-King.

Advantages of using Leca-King

  • Leca-King provides efficient and cost effective control
  • It is completely compatible with an IPM or organic control programme
  • There is no maximum residue level (MRL), therefore no pre-harvest interval is required
  • Resistance development is highly improbable
  • Leca-King is completely safe for the applicator, the consumer and the environment

Storage of Leca-King

Leca-King has a shelf life of at least 12 months when stored in a cool and dry place. Always store pest control products away from children and animals.

*This product is not available for commercial sales in Kenya. Only with approval of the Kenyan Pest Control Products Board are we allowed to perform trials at your farm.


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