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What is TUTRACK?

TUTRACK monitors and controls Tuta absoluta (tomato leafminer). The system consists of the TUTRACK lure and a trap. The TUTRACK lure contains pheromones which attract the male Tuta absoluta moth.

What to look out for when buying lures?

When buying lures it is important to note the amount of active ingredient each lure contains. Most lures on the market today contain 0.5mg of pheromone per lure. Each TUTRACK lure contains 0.8mg of pheromone; this can lead up to three times as many catches compared to lures with 0.5mg of pheromone!

How to use TUTRACK?

Place two delta-traps with TUTRACK lures in your field to monitor the number of Tuta absoluta moths. Count number of moths per trap on a daily basis. Remove or mark moths that you have counted and make clear records of the amount of catches per trap.

Trap position
The Tuta absoluta moth flies low, therefore traps should be placed not more than 40 cm above ground level.

Replace lures after 6 weeks.

When catches in monitoring traps exceed 3 moths per trap per week, mass-trapping should be started. If catches are between 3 and 30 moths per trap per week, a total of 10 traps per acre should be placed. If catches exceed 30 moths 20 traps per acre should be used for mass-trapping.

Store the TUTRACK lure in its tightly closed original packaging locked away from children. At room temperature shelf life is three months; in a refrigerator shelf life is 12 months.

How to recognise Tuta absoluta?

Tuta absoluta eggs are just 0.5 mm long and can be found on the underside of young leaves or on the stems. A female can lay 260 eggs.
Young larvae are 1mm long and creamy yellow, after time they become greenish in colour and up to 7mm in length. The adult Tuta absoluta is a grey-brown moth, males are slightly darker than females. The moth is only 6mm ├─┤ long.
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