Crops exposed to different environmental stress situations (drought, heat, cold, salinity) that drastically reduce productivity. FitoMaat® is formulated with glycine betaine, a natural osmoprotectant compound that has been proven to protect a plant’s physiological processes when undergoing stress, maintaining growth and production, preventing damage, and aiding in the crop’s recovery.

FitoMaat® additionally contains the amino acid proline, which works in synergy with glycine betaine to enhance protection against stress and lengthen the effects of the latter.

FitoMaat® also incorporates antioxidants that aid the plant’s cells to detoxify, enhancing the efficiency of its anti-stress, osmoprotectant effects.

Fito Maat

System and time of application

FitoMaat® can be applied by either foliar sprinkling or fertigation to protect against any potential environmental stress situations. Likewise, FitoMaat® can be used and applied preventively, prior to stress situations, thanks to its fast absorption and its prolonged beneficial effects. FitoMaat® is suitable for use in the prevention of rain cracking in fruits such as cherry, when applied prior to heavy rainfall. FitoMaat® is suitable for use on a large number of crops and phenological development stages.

Stability and storage

FitoMaat® remains stable for at least 3 years from manufacturing date. Store in a cool and well-ventilated place. Do not store for prolonged periods in direct sunlight. Keep out of reach of children. Keep away from food, drink and feedstuffs.


FitoMaat® is compatible with most pesticides and fertilisers. However, it is recommended to perform a compatibility test prior to crop application.


Glycine Betaine (Gly-Bet): 80 %w/w

L-Proline (L-Pro): 10 %w/w

Physiological activators*: 0,5%w/w

*Bioflavonoids and elagic acid

Dosing according to the crop

Crop Irrigation (Kg/Ha) Foliar (%) Application
Vegetable crops, melon and watermelon 2 0,1-0,2 At the beginning of flowering, and two further applications during fruit growth (every 15 days).
Citrus trees 1 0,1 At the beginning of flowering; repeat application at petal fall and during fruit growth.
Stone fruit trees 2 – 3 0,2 During fruit colour change, and prior to stress.
Olive trees 3 0,3 At the start of flowering and fruit formation.
Strawberries 1 – 2 0,2 3 treatments throughout crop cultivation.
Table grape 1 – 2 0,2 During vegetative growth and two further applications during berry growth.
Potato 2 0,2 At the beginning of tuber growth.